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Yoga tea is manufactured by the Golden Temple Company in Portland, Oregon and it is the name of a range of Herbal teas. In 1984 Yoga tea company was founded as an outgrowth of the Golden Temple Vegetarian Restaurants in Portland, Oregon. Cardamom seed, cinnamon bark, clove bud, ginger root and black pepper as the basic ingredients are used by recipes. Along the principles of ayurvedic medicine, its packaging informs that the recipes was formulated. Students of Yogi Bhajan, a Mahan Tantric and master of Kundalini Yoga opened the restaurant. Yogi Bhajan would prepare a blend of tea containing cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, ginger and black pepper, after his classes. This was dubbed by students as "Yogi Tea". At Golden Temple Vegetarian Restaurant, this tea was so famous and very well known.

In 1991, new blends and lines, such as Healing Formula teas were introduced by the company. The company started making its teas from organic ingredients in 1991 itself. To include blends of black and green teas, the company expanded from herbal teas. The boxes have featured illustrations, since 2000 by Seva Kumar. Prayer found on the inside of the box or on a devotional poem, these illustrations are based. vegetable based inks and dyes, and non-irradiated recycled carton materials are used by boxes. Latvian artist Anita Kreituse also did these illustrations which were found on the Chai, Woman's, and Exotic Teas.

Almost it produces over 50 blends of tea which include:

  • 22 blends in their Healing Formulas line.
  • 11 green teas
  • 9 exotic teas
  • 5 Women’s Healing Formulas
  • 3 organic chais
  • 2 black teas.

Organic ingredients are present in all these blends but due to lack of availability for some organic ingredients not all blends are entirely organic. 95% organic blends have the USDA organic seal. Quality Assurance International acts as a third party certifier and the growing and distribution of the organic herbs and spices required for the teas are organised by the Yogi Botanicals, who has a prohibition on GMOs. These tea bags are 100% oxygen bleached and recyclable. In a heat-sealed envelopethese bags are placed and then it is again placed into a cellophane-wrapped box.

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