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Vitacost, a herbal product manufacturing company has got many products which accomplish for good health. The medicines manufactured are researched and tested in their Nutraceutical Sciences Institute (NSI) and have the standard brand name. The manfactured medicines are supervised by the expert doctors and are manufactured in correct dosages. Vitacost has launched new product named nutraceutical. These herbal products can be taken as a supplement medicine. There are all kinds of medicines available at vitacost ranging from sight problems, stomach problems, brain malfunctions, bones problems etc.

Vitacost offers medicines in almost all catogories. The range of catogories varies from

  • accesories
  • beauty
  • bateries
  • minerals
  • mushrooms
  • vitamins supplements
  • tea and coffee
  • products for pets
  • homeopathy medicines

Some of the latest products that are offered by Vitacost are as follows :

Alba Sun Lipcare SPF 18: specially for lip car and has got sun protection formula 18 which is very effective. This product is available in .01 lb pack

Labrada ISO Power 60 : This is a protein complaint vitacost product and is available in 3.5 lbs.This helps in good muscle developement by maintaining balanced nitrogen content. Each serving of labrada iso power 60 provides around 4000 mg of branched chain amino acids.

Mt. Capra Products Caprotein Vanilla: This product is a powder supplement made of goat milk protein.Vitacost company uses their own goats for the manufacturing of the product. Good care is taken about the goats by not allowing them to have any chemicals etc. This product has got all the amino acids which are essential for good digestion and feeds with required enzymes.

Natural Wolfberry : This product is available in capsules. This product is made of natural dried wolfberry fruits.This wolfberry fruit is famous for its antioxidant nature and is a good diet supplement.

Yogi Tea Egyptian Licorice: This tea product is available in bags. This product has got special significant background related to egypt.Special brands of licorice, cinnamon and orange peel etc are used in this tea product which aids in best aroma for the tea.

For all kinds of queries that are posed by the customers, vitacost has got its representatives online to clarify them round the clock. Customers can ask, order, get more information about the latest product news through just a phone call.

If at all in any case, the customers are not satisfied with their products and the health results, vitacost offer 30 day money back offer. Vitacost takes the rest of the medicine from them and checks if any mistake has been done accidently. The customers can get their ordered products through ups and if in any emergency case, the medicines are also send immediately within few hours based on the distance.

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