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Twinlab corporation is a leading manufacturer and marketer of high quality, science based, nutritional supplements, including a complete line of vitamins, minerals, herbs and sports nutrition products. Their main objective is to bring you the products that based on latest science and are manufacturered to highest pharmaceutical standards. Every have their own needs and everyone have same goal to live healthier, and with wellness so twinlab produces over 500 different products and their name has become synomonous with high quality supplements. It has been providing potents and effective supplements over 30 years.

Twinlab products consists :

Complete line of aminoacids and fish, marine oils. Antioxidants. Vitamin and minerals in capsule form.Twinlab vitamins are considered to be the most renowned products in the industry. Twinlab diet and energy products offers full line of formulas which will increase the energy levels and metabolism and these are also found to enhance the weightloss and management. Twinlab has made a name in sports nutrition world, it offers wide variety of delicious and nutrient packed drinks and powders, as well as potent supplement products are available. Adressing various sports nutritional concerns these include energy, mass, strength, recovery and definition.

Twinlab Products:

  • Twinlab Allergy-c : It consists of buffered form of vitamin c which is free of corn and citrus and it is gentle for stomach and is an antioxidant. Allergy fighters 60 capsules are the combination of vitamins, minerals and aminoacids and these are desinged specially for the allergic as well as food and hypersensitive individual, it contains pure nutrients and highest quality obtainables.
  • Twinlab Super c: It provides 2000mg vitamin c per teaspoon and is an antioxidant which is helpful in treating the infections, sore throat, high blood pressure, cold and flu, blood clot, physical and mental stress.
  • Twinlab Chromium picolinate: Chromium is necessary for stimulating the enzymes in metabolism of energy, healthy blood circulatory system, synthesis of fattyacids, cholestrol and protien.
  • Twinlab Colon care: Colon care powder with the added nutrients may be helpful bowel regulation, cholestrol re-obsorption and helps friendly bacteria.
  • Twinlab grape seed extract: Grape seed extract are highly active bioflavonoids, that are impressive antioxidants and more effective then vitamin c and e and helps in scavenging the radicals.
  • Twinlab hair factors: Hair factors are synergitic formulation of nutrients that are responsible for keeping the hair with well growth and no hair loss and keeps the hair healthy.
  • Twinlab vital memory: It helps maintain the memory associated with aging and helps in improving the memory power.
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