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Schering Plough is an international research based development and manufacturing company, it is a trusted name in pharmaceutical and health care products world wide for both people and animals. They aspire to earn the trust of the docters, patients and customers by providing the steady flow of innovative and science based products and the services that improve the health and well being of the people. Schering Plough also help to keep the animals healthy, they monitor the emerging disease and develop new technologies which help to maintain the animal's health. There outstanding reasearch is the foundation for the successful pharmaceutical company. In fufilling there commitment they are developing new treatments and programs that assist the patients to achive the best therpeutic outcomes.

Schering Plough provides life saving drugs at no cost through patient assistance programs to help people with low income who do not have prescription drug coverage. It helps people around the world live longer and healthier, they focus on developing medicines and health care products that address wide range of conditions and improve the quality living of patients.

Schering Plough offer medicines in following areas:

Allery and Respiratory:

They offer medicines for allery and respiratory diseases such has Asmanex to help control asthma symptoms, it is a maintenance treatment for the patients of 12 years age or older. Clarinex is used for allergy symptoms which may be due to seasonal allergies such has grass, tree pollens, animal dander, mold spores. Foradil aerolizer is used for the people suffering from bronchoconstriction and chronic bronchitis. Nasonex is the only prescription nasal allergy spray approved for the treatment of seasonal or perennial nasal allergy symptoms for the children of 2 years and older.

Animal Health:

Schering Plough offer medicines for animals which include, banamine is approved for cattle in united states and it is used to reduce the fever and lung inflamation that typically accompany bovine respiratory disease. Schering has introduced an innovative product called auriflush which is used to clean the ears of the animals and this system is backed by schering plough's reputation, reliability and extensive distributor network.

Cancer therapies:

Schering introduced many therapies for the people suffering from cancer they are intron a for injection therapy used for frontline treatment for number of indications and there are side affects associated with intron a injection therapy like fever, headache, muscle aches, less appetite etc and this therapy is also used for hepatitis. Schering also offer various therapies for melanoma which is caused due to skin cancer.

Foot Care:

Dr.Scholl's has been introduced for the problems related to foot and warts, which removes warts as faster as possible and in easier way. And women no longer need to sacrifice comfort for fashion in their open style shoes, because Dr.scholl's massaging gel can used at heel and sensitive foot area to relieve from any kinds of pains.

Schering plough conducts different programs for the patients assistance which include commitment to care which covers the cancer, hepatitis drugs and also other prescription drugs. Be in charge is the patient support program designed to provide education and support to people diagnosed with hepatitis b or c who are either not into therapy or who are receiving Schering Plough peg intron powder for injection. Various kinds of help programs are conducted by schering to assist the people.

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