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All about Oral B

Oral B company manufactures many kinds of dental products and has successfully completed 50 years.There are various kinds of products offered by Oral B Some of them are:

  • power products
  • manual tooth brushes
  • floss
  • tooth paste
  • mouth rinse
  • series of whitening products

In the case of power products,one Unique feature that is incorporated in oral B toothbrushes is the oscillating-rotating power toothbrush technology.With the feature of oscillating power, tooth plaques are removed easily.

Some of the toothbrushes are as follows:

  • Oral B triumph
  • Oral B sonic complete
  • Oral B Humming bird
  • Oral B power brushheads

Oral B offers a special kind of mouth rinse especially for kids. These mouth rinse are made of fruit flavours. One of the other kind of Oral B product is named as on the go Oral care. The key feature of this product is that with the help of this product, people can clean their tooth anywhere without the help of water.

Flossing is the technique through which tooth can be cleaned to a great extent than just by mere brushing. Flossing helps as a resisting agent for the germicides. Oral B has many flossing agents named oral B humming, oral B satin floss, oral B ultra floss, oral B super floss, sulcus brush, gum stimulator, orthodontic brush etc. On the whole, according to a survey made it was known that most of the doctors use and suggest oral B dental products.

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