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Nanotech is a fully integrated research, development, prototyping and education resource which manages the stratergic portpolio of laboratories, super computers and it has array of research centers located. Nanotech works with over 100 companies around the world providing technology development, commercialization support for the pre competitive and proprietry projects.

Nanotech serves the needs of its parterners through its participation in long range of visinary technology programs, in medium range technology programs and short range programs. It provides one stop shop for the deployement, technology, market development, econonic business outreach development. Its services are designed to carry a product through its entire development cycle beginning with the formulation of new scientific concepts and technical innovations. It is staffed by diverse group of engineers, scientists and technicians who are expertised in various phrases of fabricaton and supported by an array of unique manufacturing grade tools.

Nanotech focuses on addressing:
The versatile requirements associated with the target specifications of next generation SOC technologies. Development of tools, chemicals and processes for making advanced integrated circutes and nanosystems.

Nanotechnology Achivements:

  • Use of bright flouroscence of semiconductor nanocrystals for dynamic anigiography.
  • Nano electro mechanical sensors that can detect and identify a single molecule of chemical warefare agent.
  • Nanocomposite energitic materials for propellants and explosives.
  • Prototype data storage devices based on molecular electronics.
  • Feild demonstration that iron nano particles can remove the major contaminant from ground water at industrial site.


Nanoelectronics is projected to serve enabling platform for fabrication and demonstration of next generation innovative devices and systems for expanding set of emerging industries, the micro and nano fabrications have defined the economy of explotions and will continue to occupy the fundamnetal role in larger range of applications and industries. The future of nanoelectronics will depend on evolution of scale and complexity. Nanotechnology is pre competitive stage and nanoparticles are used in number of industries. Nanoscale materials are used in electronic, magnetic, biomedical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, energy and material applications. Areas producing greatest avenue nanoparticles are chemical-mechanical polishing, magnetic recording tapes, sunscreens, electroconductive coatins and optical fibers.

Additional products available are:

  • Bumpers on cars.
  • Metal cutting tools.
  • Sunscreens and cosmetics.
  • Dental bonding agent.
  • Paints and coatings to protect against collision, scratches and radiation.
  • Protective and glare reducing coatings for eyeglasses.
  • Burn and wound dreessings.
  • Biological imaging for medical diagnostics and drug discovery.
  • Quantum dots which emmit large spectrum of colors.
  • Display technologies for laptops, cells, digital camera are made of nanostructures
  • ppolymer films.
  • Organic light emmiting diodes.

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