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Mucinex products are produced by Adams Respiratory Therapeutics. It is a leading pharmaceutical company. By developing, marketing and partnering of prescription and non-prescription respiratory relief products it wants to become the definitive resource for responsible respiratory care.

They are dedicated to opening new pathways to respiratory relief for the treatment of all respiratory-related conditions by innovating products and partnering plus strategic sales and marketing. By achieving the highest standard of quality and return on investment through advanced therapeutic solutions, it strive to exceed the expectations of its customers.

Adams Respiratory Therapeutics, is a specilist in respiratory care, with core capabilities in sales and marketing, regulatory, product development, and partnering.

Its main goal to bringing innovative products, such as MUCINEX, MUCINEX DM and MUCINEX D. In 1997 Adams Laboratories, Inc, started operations of pharmaceutical products. During 1998-2001 it Developed MUCINEX regulatory strategy, products, and IP MUCINEX NDA.

MUCINEX brand received FDA approval as the only extended-release single-ingredient guaifenesin in 2002. Adams Laboratories, Inc's name was changed to Adams Respiratory Therapeutics, Inc. in 2005.

The following are the three different products of Adams Laboratories.

MUCINEX : In our body’s defense system, Mucus is an important part. MUCINEX is very helpful when mucus thickens or becomes bothersome. MUCINEX is a safe and effective expectorant that makes cough more productive, to help breathe easier. Mucinex is gluten free and sugar free. It is a approved-FDA expectorant that provides long-lasting relief from congestion in one convenient bi-layered tablet.

Its white layer immediately releases the medication and the blue layer works steadily to continually release medication hour after hour for 12 hours.

MUCINEX DM: It reliefs from both cough and congestion. Mucinex DM is gluten free and sugar free. It helps to break up congestion and mucus by loosening mucus and other bronchial secretions and makes cough productive.

MUCINEX D: It helps in getting long-lasting relief from both nasal congestion and sinus pressure without a prescription. It is a safe and effective expectorant and nasal decongestant combination that helps to thin out and loosen mucus to break up congestion and provides 12-hour relief to control body symptoms all day or all night.

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