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Monistat(miconazole nitrate) is used for vaginal yeast infections, it is available in several formulations including monistat 3 vaginal uppositories, monistat 7 vaginal cream and suppositories and monistat derm skin ream. Monistat 3 and 7 are used for vaginal infections and monistat derm cream is used for skin infections such has athlete's foot, ringworm, jock itch, yeast infection on skin. Monistat is used to cure typical yeast infections like vaginal itching, vaginal soreness, irritation, burning and burning on urination. keep using the medication even if infection seems to be disappeared. Before using the monistat derm cream wash you hands and massage the medication on affected area and surrounding skin.

Monistat Description:

Monistat 1 combination pack:
It relives both external and internal vaginal itching, burning and any infection associated with vaginal yeast within 1 to 3 days in 1 dosage. Before using the product read the consumer information for complete directions and information. The use of Monistat, with the applicator place the vaginal insert into vagina at bed time and for itchy, irration outside the vagina use the external cream for 7 days and 2 times a day. Do not use the product if you have never had vaginal infection and ask doctor before use if you have the vaginal iching and irritation for the first time. if the symptoms like fever, pain in `ower abdomen return in 2 months, you may be pregnant or have serious underlying cause for your symptoms. When using monistat do not use tampones, douches, spermicides or other vaginal products and do not use condoms, as this product may damage them and they may not prevent the sexually tranmitted disease.

Monistat 3 day combo pack:
Monistat vaginal suppositories plus cream for external relief. Its a 3 day treatment and cures most vaginal infections, and relieves external vulva itching and irritation associated with yeast infection. use of Monistat 3, insert it into vagina at bed time for three nights in row to treat vaginal yeast infection. Do not use if you have abdominal pain, fever and if the infection is gone within three days, you may have the condition other then the yeast infection and need to use some other medication.

Monistat 7 day combination pack:
Monistat 7 is intented to use in 7 doses in 7 consecutive days, even with all conveniences with shorter treatment it is good to consider longer duration treatment and it takes 7 days to cure yeast infection completely. If the symptoms do not improve and become worse consult your doctor. If you are or will breast feeding while using this this medicine consult your doctor.

Monistat safety:

  • Monistat is for vaginal use only.
  • And are not intented to taken by anyone below the age of 13.
  • Should not use if you nat have vaginal infection until diagnosed by doctor.
  • Ask doctor before use if you have vaginal itching, discomfort for the first time, lower abdomen and back pain.
  • Do not have vaginal intercourse.
  • If pregnant or breast feeding consult a health professional befor use.
  • Keep out of children.
  • Side effects may occur with Monistat like a mild increase in vaginal itching, buring and headache may occur when the produced is being used.
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