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The Essiac company is one of the leading supplier of essiac products and it has built its reputation in its service. They supply essiac products to most of the countries with secure online ordering monitered by e-publiceye and verified by chamber seal and take every precaution with your order.Essiac is herbal formula that is being used since 1922 in helping people to cure serious illness. The formula was passed by ojibway medicine man. The active botonicals in essiac was independently used in naturopathic medicine for hundreds of years to help cleanse the blood and nourish individual cells to enhance the strength and integrity. The herbs in this formulation has helped to restore the health for thousands of people worldwide with no side effects. They have proven to be perfectly safe and effective to take in conjunction with, and to supplement, other medications and therapies.

Essiac is a tea, made from pure organic herbs, is herbiside, pestiside free and microbiologically assayed. Only specific plant species are utilised and harvested at peak time in order to enhance their potency. Essiac can taken with hot water or with honey at room temperature. In proper amounts these herbs have ability to stimulate entire body and this will make the person feel fresh and energised. Four main herbs are being used which include burdock root, sheep sorrel, slippery elm, indian rhubarb and these are produced in powder form for maximum potency and effectiveness.

Herbs and Benefits:

Sheep Sorrel: It is rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements and it nourishes the glandular system, it contains silicon and neccesary element in nerves and myelin sheath that protects them. It contains antioxidants and also been used for food.

Burdock Root:
It contains insulin, essential oils, vitamins and broad array of minerals. Its vitamin A and selenium help eliminate free radicals. And it is considered to be source of strength and nutrition. It is effective blood purifier that neutralizes and eliminates poison from the body.

Slippery Elm:
It is north american species and its bark is used for folk medicine and it contains large amount of tannis and mucilages, it one of the world's best remedis. The inner bark is rich in calcium, magnesium and vitamins a, b, c, k, it soothes organs and tissues.

Indian Rhubarb:
Its a thick root and when it is harvested it is rich in iron and can be used both externally and internally. This herb acts has laxative and purges the body in liver.

Essiac is most popular herb for the cancer treatment, it is simple and inexpensive herbal treatment, usually taken has brewed tea and today it is also used for diabetics patients are using this essiac to improve their conditions and many have gone off insulin entirely. Essiac is known widely for its remarkable ability to boost the immune system and detoxify the body. And people are intereted in it because after using essiac there are no longer catch colds and flu. Essiac appears to be safe and it is available in several forms, based on different recipes, from competing providers and prices vary widely. Essiac also help the people suffering with HIV and treated several AIDS patients with good results.

Use of Essiac:

* Mix all the incredients throughly.
* Measure out desired amount of dry incredients.
* Pour propotionate amount of water into pot and boil it with all the incredients for 10min.
* cool it for 10 hrs.
* Reheat to steaming hot.
* Pour hot liquid through seive to catch the sediment.
* Refrigerate.

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