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Coricidin is the name of a drug. Schering-Plough markets Coricidin and it contains dextromethorphan and chlorphenamine maleate. For high blood pressure patients Coricidin HBP is a cough medicine specifically formualted because it does not raise blood pressure like other cough/cold meds. Coricidin has many varieties it contains acetaminophen and guaifenesin. For the common cold, this drug is marketed as a remedy. Especially people with hypertension, if they take other decongestants their high blood pressure may worsen.

For its dextromethorphan (DXM) content, Coricidin brand cold medicine is often taken in (often much) higher than recommended doses. It is sought for recreational use, DXM has psychedelic effects in high doses, but high doses of Coricidin can be toxic. This is because the other active ingredient, chlorpheniramine and DXM are metabolized by the same liver enzyme. Competition for the enzyme causes due to the presence of both chemicals and so the DXM remains unmetabolized for longer.

In high doses it cause adverse reactions, because chlorpheniramine has anticholinergic activity. From overdosing on Coricidin seven people have died upto now. People who have overdosed have claimed to have the room spinning when they move and stomach begins to hurt on empty stomach, cannot walk straight.

If you have a high blood pressure,any cold and flu medicine that you find today warns against taking the product. People who have hypertension, a new product, Coricidin HBP, claims to be helpful.It is a good alternative to the many over the counter decongestants that can cause a spike in your blood pressure, before that it is better always recommended that you check with your doctor first. Be sure to read the warning labels as with any medicine you take, since the product is available without a prescription. It claims to be decongestant-free and this is the main feature of this product.

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