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Zicam is an over-the-counter homeopathic medicine drug which is mainly used in the reduction of the common cold, cough, sinus related problems, etc. This is very much used by the people in many parts of the world as it really satisfies and comforts with its medicure. Zicam is considered to a high growth over-the-counter healthcare firm which is fully engaged with the development and marketing of products that utilize unique and proprietary delivary systems that provide consumers with better ways to get better. The company's innovative and convenient products help improve the lives of busy people who dont like to lose time by being sick.

Zicam has increased its popularity and fame by maintaining its reputation of relieving the pains of their customers. This popularity was achieved by Zicam in its earlier stage itself when it has started its business of drug production. It has really enjoyed the great reputation from the time it started its business in the market.

The company which manufactured, marketed, and sold Zicam drug, Matrixx Initiatives, Inc. has really enjoyed the success of the drug and also it has tasted a very high range of financial benefits from Zicam. The manufacturing company was really fetched up with the revenue amount that resulted from its Zicam drug as it has reached its fame all over the world within less span. The revenue of the Matrixx Initiatives Inc., from the line of Zicam products increased nearly about 163% in the ending quarter of the year 2003.

While Zicam makes drug manufacturers and its marketers with an enormous amount of money, sources say that the users of this Zicam product are suffering from anosmia, a condition which will be like a total loss of smell. This created illusion in the minds of everyone whether it really happened or was this a plan of its competitors. Matrixx Initiatives Inc., the Manufacturing, marketing and product selling company of Zicam drug is really changing the way its consumers use healthcare products.

Zicam, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidary of Matrixx Initiatives Inc., produces, markets, sells a full line of branded Zicam Drug products for its consumers. In 1999, From the introduction of Zicam Cold Remedy (which is also called as Nasa Pump), this Company has developed a wide range of fifteen other additional Zicam Products within the cold, allergy & sinus, and cough market groups of cough/cold category.

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